Church Hall Rental

Our Facilities May be just Right for YOU

Our church hall is a multi-use facility that houses the Pastor's office, small meeting rooms and a large main room with an adjoining kitchen. We use the small rooms for bible studies and Sunday School and the large space is used for coffee hours, choir rehearsals, luncheons and special events.

These spaces can also be rented and used for many different kinds of events. Community groups use the small rooms for monthly meetings and the main room can be decorated and used for bridal and baby showers, parties and large gatherings.

Kitchen Amenities

Large island
Pass-through serving window
Three long counters
Two sinks
Two large refrigerators
One large stove with two ranges and two ovens

Main Room Amenities:
Approximately 34x54 ft.
12 tables already set up (2 more available, if needed)
96 chairs (16 more available, if needed)
Long bay of windows
Two entrances

Small Room Amenities:
Large table
Windows in each room

If you are interested in renting either a small meeting room or the main room, please contact the church at  845-888-5626 for pricing and details.

Fellowship Hall

Fellowship Hall